Revolutionising Rent Payment at Walsall Housing Group (whg) through the Integration of allpay’s Pay by Link with Voicescape 

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Walsall Housing Group (whg), the largest social housing provider in Walsall dedicated to providing affordable homes and fostering resilient communities, sought to enhance its rent collection processes for improved customer experience. In May 2022, whg partnered with payment specialist allpay Limited and engagement automation expert Voicescape to implement a solution that would streamline rent payments and empower customers.

The challenge

Jasvinder Kaur, Income and Financial Inclusion Manager at whg, identified a crucial challenge in their existing payment system. While whg already offered an online payment platform, what was lacking was a mechanism for housing advisors to send payment links to customers, this hindered whg’s goal of enabling customers to self-serve. 

The manual intervention required by whg for agents to contact customers when payments were due led to a slow and less efficient process. whg aimed to empower customers, allowing them to take ownership of their payments, reduce call volumes, and create a smoother payment journey.

The Solution

The collaborative effort of allpay and Voicescape addressed whg’s challenges promptly. Following a customer’s request for a payment link, allpay and Voicescape were challenged to create a solution. Within five days, allpay delivered a Pay by Link (PbL) solution, seamlessly integrated into Voicescape’s automated engagement platform. The solution allowed whg to convert the payment link to a QR code, streamlining its inclusion in all customer correspondence, including SMS and email. 

Key Features of the Solution 

  • “>Embedding rent account numbers in the link for a seamless user experience. 
  • Automated engagement with customers who fall into arrears. 
  • Empowering customers through ownership and self-service capabilities. 
  • Reduction in call volume with customers able to make payments anytime, anywhere. 
  • Improved customer experience and positive feedback from both customers and employees. 
  • Time-sensitive SMS distribution aligned with tenant benefit or salary receipt. 
  • Officers are relieved from the burden of manual outreach to chase debtors, enabling them to redirect their efforts toward higher-value and more meaningful tasks.  

The Results

Since the implementation of Pay by Link in May 2022, whg has achieved remarkable results. The system has facilitated the collection, thus far, of £764,215.12 through 3,581 transactions, with an average transaction value of £213.41. Customers now experience a sense of ownership and empowerment, leading to a significant reduction in calls to the business. whg’s income and financial inclusion manager, Jasvinder Kaur, emphasised that the system is now a vital part of the toolkit to move customers towards self-service. 
“For whg the foundation of a great self-service experience is simplicity, and we wish to make it as straightforward as possible for our customers so they can enjoy a seamless and convenient payment experience,” says Jasvinder Kaur, Income and Financial Inclusion Manager at whg. “Our collaboration with the teams at allpay and Voicescape has allowed us to achieve that, with the added benefits of reducing costs to the organisation and increasing revenue. I am gratified to see these two forward-thinking technology providers working in the sector alongside landlords to present innovations that help us tackle our real-world challenges and make us more customer-focussed.” 


The collaboration between allpay Limited, Voicescape, and Walsall Housing Group has resulted in a transformative solution that has streamlined rent collection processes, improved customer experience, and empowered customers to take control of their payments. The success of the Pay by Link solution is a testament to the effectiveness of integrating innovative technologies to address specific challenges in the housing sector. whg’s journey showcases how strategic partnerships and technology can create positive outcomes for both housing providers and their communities.