Cash Payments

The ultimate financially inclusive solution. Accept cash payments effortlessly through our vast partner network: Post Office, PayPoint, and Payzone, covering over 60,000 outlets nationwide.

Identifier given to customer

Customer pays at partner networks

Funds consolidated

Payment file & funds

Your organisation

The ultimate cash solution

Financially inclusive

We design comprehensive payment solutions for everyone, offering choice and flexibility, regardless of financial status.

Largest network

Partnering with all the UK’s major networks for unmatched customer convenience and maximum collection rates.

Single supplier

Simplify and reduce costs with a single contract for networks and stationery, backed by our in-house team of experts.

Customer convenience

Ensure timely bill payments and reduce rent arrears by offering customers accessible and convenient payment options. Choose from over 60,000 outlets nationwide, most open 7 days a week.

One simple integration

Save back-office time with easy integration into your existing management systems. Get a dedicated Client Onboarding specialist and access our web-based portal for daily payment reconciliation and account management.

A tailored approach

Our end-to-end cash payments service allows you to customise how customers receive their unique identifier, be it a payment reference card, barcoded bill, or both.

Dedicated team

Benefit from expert knowledge and exceptional customer service with our dedicated in-house Client Services team, ready to support you, your business, and your customers.

Exceeding expectations

  • Working with allpay, North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) has supported over 15,000 residents in their area

    Local Government
    Read client story

Assured quality & service

Dedicated to delivering the highest quality products alongside the best levels of service and efficiency.

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