Introducing Pay-by-Link

Revolutionise your payment approach with Pay-by-Link, a secure and flexible solution designed for seamless transactions. Organisations can send a unique web URL (link) to customers through text messages or emails. This directs them to a secure Branded Gateway, customisable with the organisation’s logo and colors. The URL link can be personalised with the customer’s reference number, ensuring a tailored experience. Pay-by-Link is your go-to solution for arrears management, payment reminders, and hassle-free one-off payments, all within our PCI-compliant platform.


  • Effortless URL generation: Generate URL links conveniently via spreadsheets, offering compatibility with bulk creation for streamlined processes.
  • U-Connect integration: Seamlessly manage payments within allpay’s Payment Hub or integrate with your internal communication provider for a cohesive experience.
  • Daily reconciliation: Complete reconciliation effortlessly through allpay’s daily payment files, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


  • Messaging compatibility: Harmonise with messaging solutions such as Voicescape Caseload Manager for enhanced communication strategies.
  • Simplified user experience: Provide a simplified payment link directly to the user’s device through text or email, eliminating the need for app downloads.
  • Reduced call centre traffic: Enjoy ‘agent-free’ transactions, reducing call centre traffic and empowering users to make payments independently.
  • Proactive arrears management: Utilise Pay-by-Link as a proactive tool for both current and former tenant arrears management, ensuring timely payments and improved financial workflows.

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