Simplifying Collections: Pay by Link for Effortless Payments

Convenience and simplicity are key to success in any business. Streamlining processes and offering customers easy, secure payment options can make all the difference.

That’s where allpay’s “Pay by Link” feature comes into play, revolutionising the way organisations handle collections. Let’s explore how this innovative solution simplifies payments, enhances flexibility, and boosts revenue while ensuring security every step of the way.

Pay Through a Secure Web URL Provided via Email or SMS

Pay by Link is a game-changing approach to payments. It allows your customers to pay effortlessly using their credit or debit cards through a secure web URL provided by you, typically via email or SMS. This process eliminates the need for customers to download specific applications or navigate complex payment gateways. Instead, they receive a simple, personalised link that makes paying a breeze.

How Will This Benefit Your Organisation?

  1. Simplify Payments

Convenience is the name of the game. With Pay by Link, your tenants or clients don’t need to go through the hassle of downloading apps or jumping through hoops to make a payment. They receive a link, click, and complete the payment on our secure platform. It’s that easy.

  1. Versatile Solution

Pay by Link isn’t limited to any specific industry or use case. It’s an agile payment method suitable for all types of companies, from large corporations to self-employed individuals. Whether you’re collecting rent, service fees, or anything in between, this solution adapts seamlessly.

  1. User Comfort

The steps involved in making a payment through Pay by Link are incredibly straightforward. In just four simple steps, users can complete their transactions. This simplicity not only saves time but also enhances the overall customer experience.

  1. Proactive Payment Options

Support your clients by offering flexible payment options. Pay by Link allows you to set up full or part payment opportunities quickly. This proactive approach can significantly improve your collection efforts and reduce the burden of arrears.

  1. Increased Revenue

Many organisations have experienced a noticeable uptick in their payment collections when they implement Pay by Link. The ease of use and convenience factor make it more likely for customers to settle their accounts promptly, leading to increased revenue streams.

How It Works

Understanding the mechanics of Pay by Link is crucial to unleashing its full potential within your organisation:

Organisational Setup: allpay Limited’s implementation team provides you with the Web URL or a spreadsheet. This includes the ability to personalise the link for each customer, typically by including their Client Reference or Payment Reference Number (PRN) and suggesting a payment amount.

Customer Communication: The personalised link is then sent to the customer through your preferred communication channel, whether it’s via an internal communications provider or using allpay’s Uconnect Product.

Secure Payment Page: When the customer clicks on the link, they are seamlessly redirected to a secure payment page. This ensures that their payment information is safeguarded throughout the transaction.

Easy Payment: Customers can then proceed to make their payments using their credit or debit cards. The entire process is quick, simple, and secure, enhancing their overall experience.

In conclusion, allpay Limited’s Pay by Link feature represents a significant step forward in simplifying collections. It offers convenience, versatility, and user comfort while empowering your organisation to proactively manage payments and increase revenue. With a secure payment process, you can trust that your customers’ data is in safe hands. Embrace the future of effortless payments with Pay by Link and watch your collection efforts soar.

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