allpay provides Muir Group Housing Association with a full range of payment options


Established in 1968, Muir Group Housing Association (MGHA) owns and manages more than 5,500 homes across the country, with offices based in Chester, Blackpool, Burnley and Huntingdon. Since November 2017, allpay has collected more than £12.6 million across more than 88,000 transactions through its network services, a range of debit/credit card acceptance products and its direct debit service, on behalf of MGHA. Since October 2008, allpay has provided the housing provider with a full range of payment options following its initial implementation of network services via the Post Office and PayPoint. 

Debit/credit card acceptance products being utilised include: An Online MGHA Branded Gateway, Automated Telephone Line, Text and Virtual Terminal Callpay – the latter allowing staff to process payments over the phone with the additionality functionality to set payments up as recurring from the in-use debit or credit card. In September 2018, MGHA implemented allpay’s Call Masking solution, a secure route of transacting card payments over the phone whilst being within Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). On average, Muir process more than 400 transactions per month via allpay’s DTMF service. 

Speed of Implementation 

With the additional Call Masking facility being integrated with the existing Callpay system – this allowed the implementation of the DTMF solution to be seamless, with MGHA going live with the system within 2-weeks from quote approval. 

Muir Housing Group’s Customer Services Team said: 

“We have been utilising the new call masking system for several weeks now. Overall the team finds it much easier and quicker than the previous method of pausing the call and inputting the details ourselves. We had a few minor issues at first – explaining to our tenants how the system worked and why we were using it, but once they had made a payment, they have been able to see how it benefits them in terms of safety and security of their payment details.

The team find it offers time savings for us in the Call Centre Team, with no chance of mishearing the number and having to re-input it, which previously could happen on several calls. In addition to this, there is now no need for me to spend several hours each month call monitoring to check for PCI compliance, which is a great benefit to the department.”