Real-Time Notifications

Stay ahead with our Real-Time Payment Notifications (RTNs), offering immediate updates whenever your customers process card payments through the Payzone network. These notifications cover successful card and cash payments, declined card payments, and refunds. Real-time access to payment information empowers you to swiftly update customer balances, especially crucial for urgent cases like evictions, debt repayments, deposits, and court fines.


Enhanced visibility

Gain better insights into customer behaviour and assess the effectiveness of your products with real-time updates.

Event-driven analytics

Utilise event-driven payment analytics to make informed decisions promptly.

Real-time updates

Receive instantaneous notifications to stay informed and take timely actions.

What products offer RTNs

Internet Payments

Payment App

Branded Gateway

Bespoke IVR Line


Recurring Payments

Text Payments


How it benefits you

Faster balance updates

Expedite customer balance updates, particularly beneficial for rent, bill, and debt collectors, eliminating the wait for Payment Information Files (PIFs) the next day.

Critical for urgent payments

Vital for urgent scenarios like eviction cases, debt repayments, deposits, and court fines, ensuring timely and informed decisions.

Data-driven insights

Gain valuable data insights into customer behavior and product effectiveness, allowing strategic decision-making.

Efficient debt collection

Focus debt collection efforts where needed, saving costs and enhancing the overall customer experience. While Payment Information Files remain available the next working day, Real-Time Notifications offer an additional service for clients requiring immediate updates.

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