Unlock seamless payment management with Callpay, our virtual terminal payment management application designed to empower your call centre. With Callpay, effortlessly accept and manage payments while engaging with customers, providing a streamlined and secure transaction experience.

Call Masking

Ensuring PCI DSS Compliance is a top priority. Call Masking in Callpay allows customers to input their card details, displaying only the first 6 digits (BIN) and the last 4 digits of the card number and expiry date to the agent, in line with PCI DSS regulations. DTMF technology ensures secure key tones during input.

Recurring Payments

Enhance efficiency with Callpay’s recurring payment options, allowing the setup of scheduled payment plans effortlessly. Reduce customer workload and improve call centre efficiency by creating Recurring Payment schedules via our intuitive dedicated site.

Senior woman with credit card talking by telephone at home


  • Instant payments: Capture funds in real-time during customer engagements.
  • Card detail protection: Ensure the security of customer card details with masked display.
  • Debit card acceptance: Accept debit payments seamlessly.
  • Prevent arrears: Proactively manage payments to prevent customers from falling into arrears.
  • Customer reports: Run your customer reports for insights and analytics.
  • In-depth search facility: Effortlessly search and retrieve information.
Mature Businessman Wearing Telephone Headset Talking To Caller In Customer Services Department


  • PCI DSS Compliance: Reduce risk and achieve PCI DSS Compliance effortlessly.
  • Organisational protection: Safeguard your organisation with secure payment processes.
  • Increased payment collections: Foster familiarity and trust during calls to encourage payments.
  • Time and cost savings: Save time, cut costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Simple PCI burden: Your PCI burden is reduced to the simplest SAQ-A (Self Assessment Questionnaire) form

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