Benefits for you and your customers

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For you

  • Maximise collection rates: Utilise the widest range of payment outlets, providing convenience for customers and reducing arrears.
  • Reduce administration costs: Streamline your processes with a single contract for networks and stationery, saving on administrative expenses.
  • Optimise cash flow: Settle funds directly into any bank account, maximising your organisation’s cash flow.
  • Enhance efficiency: Benefit from a single set of daily reconciliation files and save back-office time through easy integration with management systems.
Customer making a payment at one of allpay's partner networks

For your customers

  • Over 60,000 payment outlets: Allow customers to pay bills over the counter at a vast network of outlets.
  • Proximity: 99.7% of urban UK households live within 1 mile of a payment outlet.
  • Convenience: With most outlets opening late, 7 days a week, you can provide flexibility for your customers.
  • Physical receipts: Customers receive a physical receipt, validating their payment transaction.



Over 11,500 Post Offices accepting cash, debit cards, and cheques.


All networks from one supplier, ensuring even more consistency.

Your choice

Cleared funds settled into a bank account of your choice.

Low cost

Competitive and flexible transaction pricing.


Secure online access to daily reconciliation files through the web portal.

Payment media

Choice of media utilising barcoded bills and/or plastic swipecards.


Back-office systems integrated with a choice of PIF formats.


Promote your branding through bespoke designs of swipecards.

Competitive pricing


Potential increase in revenue

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