Real-Time Notifications

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Event Driven Payment Analytics

Real-Time Payment Notifications is a product that gives real-time updates to you whenever your customers have processed a card acceptance transaction.

These notifications are for successful payments, declined payments and refunds.

Having payment information in real-time allows you to update your customer balances much faster than waiting for the Payment Information Files (PIFs) the next day.

For urgent payments like eviction cases, debt repayments, deposits and court fines this is very important.

Event driven payment analytics from allpay allows you to save money focusing your debt collection efforts on customers who haven’t paid by acting on up-to-date information.

The insight given into declined payments will also give you better visibility on customer behaviour and product effectiveness as PIFs only contain successful payments although it is worth noting that this is an additional service and PIF files will still be available as usual the next working day.

What products offer Real-Time Notifications?

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