Call Masking

Safeguard your call centre from data theft

Our Call Masking solution ensures your organisation attains PCI DSS Compliance in the most efficient and secure manner.

Key Features

- De-scopes your entire call centre environment from PCI DSS Compliance to SAQ-A

- Utilises our virtual terminal, Callpay, so no system integration is required

- Ability to set up Recurring Payments whilst maintaining PCI DSS Compliance

- Agent and customer in conversation at all times

- No need to pause and resume call recording software

- Reduces average call handling time

More about Call Masking

Customer keys card details into their phone, which appear on the ‘Card Capture’ screen within Callpay. Only the first 6-digits (the card BIN) and the last 4-digits of the card number and expiry date will be displayed to the agent in line with PCI DSS regulations. All other numbers are masked on the screen. DTMF (dual-tone multi frequency) technology ensures the key tones entered are flattened before they enter your call centre environment. Agent can delete individual characters or refresh the fields if the customer makes a mistake.

Your Definitive Guide to PCI DSS Compliance

A jargon-free guide to compliance for forward thinking organisations

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