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Let us safeguard you against cybercrime

Our virtual terminal, Callpay, is a payment management application which allows you to accept and manage payments within your call centre to capture funds whilst you are engaged with customers.

Callpay has Recurring Payment options to set up scheduled payment plans which reduce workload for customers and improve the efficiency for your call centre.

Compliance with best practice is vital in protecting your organisation and our call masking feature is a best in class method of excluding card details from your entire environment, meaning that your PCI burden is reduced to the simplest SAQ-A (Self Assessment Questionnaire) form.

Benefits for You

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Your organisation will be taking payments using a system that is fully PCI DSS  compliant to SAQ-A with our Call Masking feature.

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Increase payment collections

Accept payments immediately and increase your collection rate. Payments are accurate, as staff are always with the customer.

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Save Time and Cut Costs

The Recurring Payment option will automate this further and reduce effort and costs for yourselves and the customer.

Benefits for your customers

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Familiarity and Security

As the customer is calling you, there is familiarity and trust during the call, which encourages payments.

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Take payments instantly

Take payments from new customers immediately and avoid delays in setting up customer accounts.

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Card detail protection

Our Call Masking option safeguards customers against theft, by removing sensitive data from your organisation.

More about our Callpay solution

To begin using Callpay, all you need is an internet connection and an individual email account for each member of staff. Staff will log on to Callpay using their individual user ID. With Callpay, you and your organisation can benefit from the following features:

- Accept debit payments
- Prevent your customers from falling into arrears from day one
- In-depth search facility – search for past transactions using up to nine different criteria
- User-friendly website – navigation is simple and straight forward
- Postcode look up – fast address input and data is standardised
- Run your own customer reports – on the spot and up-to-date information regarding transactions and totals

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