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Post Office

The Post Office® is a favourite choice for those bill payers making regular payments on council tax and rent accounts with a nationwide network of 11,500 branches.

We are proud to partner with the Post Office who have:

  • Over 370 years of service
  • Over 11,500 Post Office branches nationwide run by local people
  • Over 17 million customer visits & CIRCA 50 million transactions per week

At the time of writing there are over 250 directly managed branches, run by Post Office. The remaining branches are managed on an agency basis either by sub-postmasters or partners.

Customers can choose to pay with cash or a debit card.

Click here to find out where your nearest Post Office® outlets are located.

How over-the-counter payments work

Payers at the networks are identified by a unique Payment Reference Number (PRN) which usually comprises 19 digits. These can either be distributed on a plastic swipe card or printed on a bill or letter as a barcode.

Plastic swipe cards are produced and personalised by us in-house and sent directly to the payer.

The cards are presented at the Post Office counter, where the customer decides the amount they would like to pay and the method (cash, cheque or debit card). They will always receive a receipt as proof of payment.

The payment cards are manufactured in-house and can be designed to bespoke requirements. Here at allpay, we go through a rigorous testing cycle with both networks to ensure the payment card’s magnetic stripe will be read consistently by their nominated agents.

Barcoded bills and letters are usually produced and dispatched by our clients. However they work in exactly the same way as swipe cards as described above.

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