Empowering Diverse Sectors with Tailored Payment Solutions

At allpay Limited, our commitment to innovation and excellence in payment solutions has enabled us to forge partnerships across multiple sectors, revolutionising payment processes and elevating operational efficiency. Catering to a diverse array of industries, we’ve established ourselves as pioneers in empowering organisations with cutting-edge payment technologies. 

Let’s delve into the diverse sectors we work with, where our expertise has reshaped payment landscapes, driving sustainable growth and fostering robust relationships within each industry.

The UK Housing Sector 

With a proven track record of collaboration with over 500 Housing Associations and ALMOs, accounting for roughly 90% of the UK’s top housing providers, we understand the intricate challenges faced by the UK Housing Sector. Our tailored solutions, often built with unique input from clients, not only optimise payment collection rates but in turn reduce both current and former tenant arrears. This has ensured financial stability for customers and clients alike alongside a deep sense of customer service excellence. Our direct debits specifically smoothen the payment collection process, making it easier for tenants to budget around their rent and ensure Housing Associations get a steady and reliable revenue stream.

Local Government 

Empowering a significant percentage of the UK’s Local Authorities, our automated payment solutions redefine efficiency. By reducing collection costs and amplifying value for money, we enable local government authorities to optimise resources and enhance communities across the UK. Our track record in advancing operational efficacy speaks volumes about our commitment to the intricate needs of local governments. Our widely adopted cash acceptance services, offering Post Office, Payzone, and PayPoint outlets, enable Local Authorities to reach the vulnerable unbanked community, currently estimated at 1.3 million people across the UK, that would otherwise struggle to pay for the support and services they need.

Central Government 

Our collaboration with key government entities like the NHS Business Services Authority and the Ministry of Justice allows us to deliver a versatile solution including payment channels tailored to government needs. Optimising revenue streams and diversifying payment options, we have enabled the drive of fiscal growth and operational efficiency.

Credit Unions 

Our comprehensive, flexible payment services prioritise member satisfaction, operational efficiency, and security enhancement for Credit Unions. Our solutions empower Credit Unions to foster growth and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic financial landscape.

Debt Collection 

By providing a flexible solution with payment methods tailored for every occasion, we understand the importance of choice in the debt collection processes. Our streamlined solutions offer customer-centric payment retrieval. Our wide range of products allows for adding the human touch to an otherwise very stressful and cold process. From personalised swipe cards to a diverse array of payment methods, we facilitate seamless payment consolidation and organisation, empowering organisations to track and manage payments effectively.

Exploring New Horizons 

Our commitment extends beyond these sectors, catering to various industries with innovative payment solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we simplify payment processes and ensure a seamless customer experience.

At allpay Limited, our mission is to constantly innovate and tailor payment solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of diverse sectors. By prioritising efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we pave the way for seamless transactions and sustainable growth across industries.

Partner with us to transform payment processes, drive operational excellence, and elevate customer satisfaction in your industry. Book a meeting with the team today to find out more.

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