Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation and Inclusion at allpay 

On Thursday 23rd May 2024, we proudly celebrated a remarkable milestone – the 30th anniversary of allpay Limited. Over the past three decades, our journey has been one of relentless innovation, an unwavering commitment to financial inclusion, and a dedication to excellence that has transformed the payment landscape within the UK. As we reflect on our achievements, we are reminded of the visionary leadership of our Founder and Entrepreneur, Tony Killeen, and the tireless efforts of our entire team. 

The Visionary Beginnings 

The story of allpay began in 1994 when Tony Killeen established Financial Collection Services (FCS) Ltd, with just two clients and a small team of four. From the very start, Tony was driven by a desire to address the inefficiencies of traditional bill payment systems. He recognised the challenges faced by many, especially those in social housing, who had to endure the cumbersome process of queuing at council offices with giro books to pay their rent. This system was not only time-consuming and impractical but also stigmatised those it was meant to serve. 

Tony’s vision was clear: to create a more accessible and inclusive payment system. His innovative approach led to the introduction of electronic payment methods, partnering with the Post Office to enable residents to pay their bills at any branch nationwide using a plastic payment card. This groundbreaking solution revolutionised bill payments, making the process quicker, more convenient, and significantly reducing arrears and administrative burdens for councils. 

Milestones of Innovation 

Throughout our journey, allpay has continually evolved and expanded its offerings. In 1996, we produced our first swipecard, and by 2000, we rebranded as allpay.net Limited, reflecting our growing capabilities. The early 2000’s saw significant advancements, including the purchase of our first printer and the establishment of a partnership with the Westfield Football team, highlighting our community engagement. 

Our relocation to Whitestone Business Park in 2004 and the completion of our second purpose-built office and production area in 2006 marked significant milestones in our growth. These developments were complemented by Tony’s recognition as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005 and again in 2009, celebrating his visionary leadership and contributions to the industry. 

Expanding Horizons 

The late 2000s and early 2010s were a period of rapid expansion and technological innovation for allpay. Achieving Visa and Mastercard accreditation in 2008, launching allpay cards, and becoming PCI DSS compliant were pivotal moments that enhanced our service offerings. The introduction of the allpay Payment App in 2012 further revolutionised payment convenience, allowing quick and simple transactions from mobile devices. 

Our commitment to community support was evident in 2011 when we offered assistance with broadband coverage in Hereford. This dedication to social responsibility continued as we became a Living Wage Employer in 2014 and won the West Midlands Living Wage Champions Award in 2016. 

Leadership and Recognition 

In 2021, Michelle Pacey was appointed as Managing Director of allpay, bringing a unique blend of strategic insight and creative flair to her leadership role. Michelle’s extensive background in marketing, PR, and fintech has been instrumental in driving allpay to new heights. Under her leadership, we have continued to innovate and expand, securing partnerships with Payzone and Salt Edge in 2022 to bolster our cash collection solutions and enhance financial inclusion through Open Banking. 

Our prepaid programs have consistently garnered industry recognition, with multiple awards highlighting our commitment to financial inclusion and excellence. In 2020, we celebrated a double award win for our Prepaid program at the Emerging Payments Awards and Payments Awards. The following year, our prepaid program received the Financial Inclusion Award at the FStech awards, affirming our dedication to supporting vulnerable individuals through accessible payment solutions. 

Looking Forward 

As we celebrate 30 years of allpay, we are proud of our achievements and excited about the future. With over 4.5 million end customers and £8.8 billion in transactions, our impact on the payment landscape is profound. Our commitment to innovation, financial inclusion, and customer empowerment remains as strong as ever. 

Thank you to our clients, partners, and team members for being an integral part of our journey. Your support and dedication have been crucial to our success. As we look to the future, we remain committed to transforming lives through accessible, secure, and convenient payment solutions. 

Happy 30th Anniversary, allpay! Here’s to many more years of innovation and positive impact. 

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