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Charity and Local Community

The Living Room

allpay are pleased to be supporting Hereford charity The Living Room. The charity aims to help those on low incomes, experiencing isolation, who are lacking in support. Launched as a café for members of the public, the proceeds go towards a community larder, training, peer support groups, counselling, and mediation services.

As one of Herefordshire’s largest employers, allpay quickly noticed the valuable work The Living Room was able to offer as a grassroots organisation that has developed organically responding to the needs of the community and is delighted to offer its full support to help it reach more individuals.

The partnership began with allpay offering help to distribute free school meals and the opportunity to support a full-time member of staff has meant the charity can now expand their offerings quicker and support more families and children.


The allpay Charity Committee was set up in 2009 in order to help give back to the local community. 

Throughout the year, the committee meets to plan and organise numerous events, charity days and fun activities including, supporting Children in Need, sports tournaments, fancy dress days, cake sales and much more.

Whilst continuously encouraging employees from across the business to get involved in the committee and fundraising, the committee is also the driving force in managing and fulfilling our support of local charity groups, initiatives and individuals.

We always look at and consider any requests which we receive. If you'd like to get in touch, please send an email to charity@allpay.net.

Top Fact: Did you know, all money raised through our Klix hot drink vending machine goes to charity.

Every year we raise around £5,000!

Charity of the Year

In 2019 we decided to try something a little different and select a 'Charity of the Year', allowing us to streamline our fundraising to make a large impact to one charity.

We voted for St. Michael’s Hospice in Hereford and throughout the year took part in a number of activities to raise money including a car wash, cycle event, abseiling and endless raffles!

We are pleased to reveal the grand total raised in 2019 was…

We’re pleased to reveal the next Charity of the Year is…

If you'd like to support our fundraising or keep up to date with our progress, you can visit our fundraising page here.

allpay Going Green

At the end of 2018, the charity committee put together a team of allpay employees to form the 'Go Green' team!

Their mission was to find ways for us to become more environmentally friendly throughout 2019 - we want to give you an update of some of the things we have achieved in this time.

What have we done so far?

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