Bureau Service

We offer a Bureau Service for organisations who are registered Service Users with Bacs.

As a Bacs accredited Commercial Bureau, we are employed to submit Auddis, Direct Debit and Direct Credit files to Bacs on your behalf. As an allpay ‘Bureau Service client’, you are also able to utilise our portal services to setup, amend and cancel Direct Debit instructions for your customers, and to process Direct Credits to customers also.

As the Service User, it is your responsibility to adhere to Bacs regulations, however, we will:

  • Collect and process all Bacs exception reports through its management system, to include; unpaid Direct Debits and bank initiated changes
  • Provide information to aid in the reconciliation of processed, rejected and returned items via daily Payment Information Files
  • Send correspondence to the payer with regards to confirmation of setup and/or advanced notice

Our Direct Debit services are run by a UK-based, dedicated Direct Debit team, and in addition to our Direct Debit services, allpay will also provide:

  • Confirmation of each Direct Debit setup on the management system, the day following input
  • All transactional data on the day of collection
  • All rejected setups, collections and credits, the day following processing

All this information is available via a secure web-based communication portal in a format which can then be processed through your customer management systems.

This service works in complete harmony with all other payment methods from allpay and is available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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