Payment Gateway

Internet Payments

Payment Gateway will ensure your compliance burden is kept to a minimum as it is compliant to PCI DSS SAQ-A level. In addition, you will be able to offer a frictionless payment journey by passing customer data instead of your customers entering this manually.

Payment Gateway will allow both guest and fully integrated payment checkouts within your existing website, giving your customers a seamless payment journey as they remain on your website throughout the transaction process. 

Making payments via Payment Gateway removes the requirement for a 19 digit payment reference number (PRN) or swipecard, simplifying the experience for your customers. The additional functionality to securely store bank card details facilitates quicker transactions for faster repeat payments, whilst continuing to meet 3DS2 Compliance requirements.

Benefits of Payment Gateway

ico-recurring-payments (KA10).svg

Fully integrated payment experience

ico-consumer-expectations (N4).svg

Guest payment functionality


Card storage functionality


Fully mobile optimised

ico-secure (J3).svg

3DS2 compliant

ico-mission-statement (CA5).svg

Seamless user journey


Real-time transaction notification compatible

ico-freedom (M16).svg

No swipecard, barcode or PRN required

More about Payment Gateway

You will also benefit from increased versatility as Payment Gateway has no reliance on the classic allpay 19 digit PRN. Instead, payments can be made by a customer reference number. Payment Gateway can also be consumed in mobile applications and is fully mobile optimised.

We wanted to give you the freedom to take a payment for any type of bill from any customer without the requirement of an allpay swipe card or barcode.

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