Newydd Housing Association

Case Study

For more than 15 years’, allpay has collected rental payments for Newydd via a range of innovative payment channels, with allpay’s first payment acceptance of Post Office and PayPoint outlets implemented in March 2004. Per annum, allpay collects £6 million across more than 52,000 transactions through its network services, a range of debit/credit card acceptance products and its direct debit service, on behalf of Newydd.

As part of its range of payment services, allpay supplies its Post Office, PayPoint and Direct Debit services, as well as its range of debit/credit card acceptance products including:

An Online Branded Payment Gateway, Automated Telephone Line, Text Payments and Virtual Terminal, Callpay – the latter allowing staff to process payments over the phone that can be set-up as recurring from the debit or credit card.

In August 2018, allpay completed the roll-out of its DTMF Call Masking solution for Newydd. The Call Masking solution, developed by contact centre and PCI payment specialist Eckoh, provides client with a secure route of transacting card payments over the phone whilst being within PCI DSS regulations.

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