Bron Afon

Case Study

After a successful period trialling allpay’s Direct Debit service, Bron Afon has now been live with the service since October 2016. In that time it has increased its direct debit take-up by more than 20%, reduced arrears by £50,000 and is saving more than £16,000 per annum in staff time.

Bron Afon Community Housing began its working relationship with allpay in 2009 and currently uses a wide-range of allpay’s payment services including its payment cards, allowing residents to pay their rent at local PayPoint outlets and Post Office branches and its range of debit/credit card acceptance solutions: online, automated phone, text, mobile App and Virtual terminal Callpay – the latter allowing its staff to process payments over the phone. In total, allpay collects more than 14 million annually across nearly 180,000 transactions.

After successfully trialling allpay’s Direct Debit service, as part of its involvement in the Government’s Direct Payment Demonstration Projects, Bron Afon migrated its direct debit mandates over to allpay’s service at the end of October and is now able to offer all its tenants a payment day on any working day of the month with the full range of frequencies. This allows tenants to set up a direct debit collection date soon after they receive their Universal Credit payment, safeguarding their rent and reducing the risk of arrears.

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