Adactus Housing Group

Case Study

Adactus Housing Group

Adactus Housing Group has been utilising allpay’s payment solutions for 20 years with allpay providing it with its fully managed direct debit service, range of debit/credit card services and access to both Post Office and PayPoint for bill payments.

In February, Adactus started piloting allpay’s new Recurring Card Payments solution, allowing it to set-up recurring debit/credit card schedules with its tenants through allpay’s virtual terminal, Callpay.

Crucially, and unlike a direct debit, there are no bounced charges for insufficient funds. Following the pilot, Adactus had 41 schedules set up with its tenants – promoting it to those tenants calling in on a regular basis to make a debit/credit card payment over the phone.

To date, it has collected more than 100 payments, worth £7,983.66 with an average transaction value of £70.65.

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