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Carbon Net Zero


What is Carbon Net Zero?

The term ‘net zero’ refers to a state in which the greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere are balanced by removing the same gases out of the atmosphere.

Our Approach

We expect all businesses to be given a legal obligation to reduce their impact on climate change but we don’t want to wait for that.

Scientists estimate that we need to be Carbon Net Zero by 2050 but we think that is too late. We believe we have a moral obligation to act now and to reach Carbon Net Zero as soon as we can!

allpay, like all businesses, are contributing towards the global climate crisis. We have been acting for some time to reduce our emissions – you can read more about what we have already done below – but we believe we can do so much more!

We have ambitious plans to grow but we don’t want to damage the environment to do so.

Our Roadmap

We are actively working on our Carbon Net Zero roadmap to help us track and prioritise our Climate initiatives. We are adding to this all the time and we will keep it up to date.

Choose An Initiative To Find Out More


People are at the heart of any successful business and here at allpay, we believe it is no different. Our open forum, Net Zero Heroes, is open to all within the allpay community and is a group of passionate and driven people working hard to move the business towards Carbon Net Zero. We have found it to be a great way to identify and suggest ways of implementing a range of environmental projects across allpay and it has already had a direct impact on our footprint.

We are also delighted to share that the business has signed up to 30 for 2030 campaign.

This involves companies in Hereford committing to track their progress and achievements as we aim to meet the county’s zero carbon ambition by the end of the decade.

Keep a look out across our socials and website for more information as we continue our journey.

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