The allpay Payment App

The allpay app is a mobile application (App) available to download from the
Apple App Store or Windows Phone store and Google Play enabling your customers to pay their bills from their Apple, Windows or Android smartphone.

Since its launch in 2012, the App has been used by residents to pay their rent and council tax, while others are using it to pay fines and manage debt repayments. Find out more about who uses the App and how you can promote it to your customers.


Using allpay's Payment App

  • Allows your customers to pay anytime, anywhere

  • Receive payment data the next working day

  • Promotes digital inclusion and helps your organisation meet e-government targets for payment service accessibility

Benefits to users

  • Securely stores Payment Reference Numbers, bank details and payment amounts

  • Allows users to pay anytime, anywhere and offers allpay Cashless customers a quick and easy way to top up their accounts

  • Free to download, once your organisation has signed up to allpay's internet payments

Download the App now at

App Store Google PlayWindows Marketplace

Apple QR code

Android QR code


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The Payment App is free for your customers to download if you are signed up to allpay's internet payments. If you'd like to enable your customers to start paying with the App, just fill out the form below.