Smart PAYG

Real-time payments over the counter

allpay is the only provider of the Post Office’s real-time over-the-counter payment solution, enabling energy customers to top-up their meters in cash and have their accounts credited instantly.

The network provides utility providers with the ability to offer their customers with a network of 11,500 national branches. Based in local communities, the Post Office has a unique reach across all areas of society - for example, almost 93% of people in the UK live within a mile of a Post Office branch, 99.7% within three miles and 99.6% of those living in deprived urban communities live within a mile of a Post Office branch.

Key Features

Benefits for you

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Cost Savings

Save money on transaction fees by accessing our competitive rates.

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Increase efficiency through a single set of daily reconciliation files.

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Save back-office time through easy integration with management systems.

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Bespoke Design

Promote your own branding through bespoke design of swipe cards.

Benefits for your customer

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A fast and efficient service, with instant credit and instant use of energy.



A UTRN is printed on the receipt, which provides further reassurance.

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A proven and tested service, with minimal set up requirements.

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Maximum payment opportunities with a wide range of payment outlets.

How smart meter prepayments work

Payers at the Post Office are identified by a unique Payment Reference Number (PRN) which usually comprises 19 digits. These can either be distributed on a plastic swipe card or printed as a barcode.

The cards or barcodes are presented at the Post Office counter, where the customer decides the amount they would like to pay and the method (cash, cheque or debit card).

Once scanned at the counter and verified allpay securely sends the PRN in real-time to the meter provider. This will allow the PRN to be associated to the customer account, allowing the meter to be credited and for allpay to retrieve the UTRN and transmit this back to the Post Office to be printed on the customer’s receipt.

Plastic swipe cards can be produced and personalised by allpay and sent directly to the payer. Barcodes are usually produced and dispatched by our clients. However, they work in exactly the same way as swipe cards.

allpay can support the identification of individual schemes e.g. fuel types and has the ability to create separate supporting reference data for each of the differing services.

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