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What this means for allpay clients

Globally we are all facing a very worrying time. Many of our Local Government and housing association clients provide services to vulnerable people across the UK and we would like to offer the following reassurances about what we are doing at allpay to help in any way we can and also what we are doing to keep to business as usual as far as practically possible.

Our Business Continuity Plan

We have thoroughly reviewed our business continuity arrangements, considering the potential risk of the Coronavirus, to ensure we are fully prepared. This plan is designed to mitigate the impact of disruptive events, including a prolonged pandemic, to ensure the continuity of services with priority given to critical functions.

These measures will minimise impact on the services allpay are able to provide to our clients.  We are also assessing our own suppliers’ resilience to the risk of Coronavirus to minimise the impact on our capability. 

We have set up a dedicated page providing more information about our business continuity plan. We will keep this page updated with all the important information.

Visit our COVID-19 page

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