Easy to use security is key to frictionless future

Frictionless payments are evidently the way forward, with the constant innovation and ease of use for customers, however, people are still needing reassurance of the benefits.

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Mobile Money

The recent Future of Payments report in The Times takes look at the facts and figures surrounding mobile money.

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Rivals jockeying for position in big race

Current disruption in the payments industry is likely to trigger major changes over the next few years.

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Tapping into new ways of banking

The future of payments was officially confirmed in 2016, when Fintech became an official word by the Oxford Dictionary and its rapid growth rate means the future is an exciting one for the whole industry.

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Thoughtful Innovation: What’s next for the payment industry?

With the constant evolution of the fintech sector, the recent ‘Future of Payments’ report by Raconteur that featured in The Times looks at the challenges faced by the sector.

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