Credit & Debit

Secure, convenient and flexible

Maximise income and reduce arrears by giving your customers the widest range of options to pay bills. Our payment collection solutions provide convenience, safety and choice, with next day payment files for simple reconciliation.

We are proud to be PCI DSS compliant – a critical achievement in today’s payment card market. We are a trusted partner to safeguard your organisation against burdensome compliance regulations, with our approved products and industry expertise.

We understand your need for flexibility and the importance of keeping your customers completely happy. No other organisation offers such a unique bill payment collection and consolidation service. It’s convenient for them and you'll save money, improve efficiency and reduce arrears.


Lloyds Bank Cardnet

Our payment system is supported by Lloyds Bank Cardnet which is the card acceptance service for Lloyds Banking Group.

As a master merchant bringing card acceptance to many social housing bodies, Cardnet is our preferred card acquirer to process our credit and debit card payments so that we can offer you secure online and telephone payments.

Cardnet is one of Europe’s leading card transaction processors.  So we at allpay can be confident that working together with Cardnet we can adapt our services to continue to be the UK’s leading payments specialists in our sector.

Securing cardholder data

allpay’s payment solutions are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Find out more at https://lloydsbankcardnet.com

Cardnet is a registered trademark of Lloyds Bank plc.

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