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allpay Limited | Prepaid cards

allpay’s Prepaid card solution can be live and operational within two weeks of receiving instruction for emergency cases.

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How Payout services can benefit your organisation as well as the local community

Payout lets you give your customers cash without the hassle of writing and sending cheques.

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5 reasons why your business should be using Direct Debits

For years now consumers have benefited from using Direct Debits, however, have you ever stopped to think about how, as a business you can be the ones to benefit from offering them?

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Can Fintechs expect to attract Gen Z (like me) with gimmicks?

In 2021, Gen Z represents almost one third (32%) of the global population. Across the World, Fintech’s and Neo banks target the 'zoomers' as their main target customer base but, with consumer trends changing rapidly, can they continue to attract Gen Z customers by offering a simple banking product?

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By the time we reach our teens, curiosity around our future finances is just beginning.

By the time we reach our teens, curiosity around our future finances is just beginning.

Satisfying that curiosity is something not always open to you at school or college.

You have to learn the hard way.

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Open Banking

Managing & Understanding Your Finances The Simpler Way

We’re Generation Z… we’re tech-savvy… but are we on the money?

Where stats show three times as many of us now use the likes of online apps to manage our money than previous generations, it’s time to open up to Open Banking.

With that management, what are we most invested in?

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