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Case Study

In a bid to increase convenience for its customers and modernise its online payment services, Orbit Group – which owns and manages nearly 40,000 homes – turned to allpay to create an integrated online payments process for its customers, reducing the barriers of paying online.

"We have a vision within Orbit Group to have 75% of customer contacts happening online by 2020; both to reduce the amount of calls into the Customer Service Centre but to also offer more flexibility for our customers to access our services at a time convenient to them.

By looking at the data from our Customer Service Centre it’s evident that the majority of the calls received from customers are about payments and repairs. So how our customers paid their rent and service charges was an area we wanted to look into.

Previously, to make a payment, customers were encouraged to contact our Customer Service Centre or make a payment online through Santander. However that online transaction required customers to go to the Santander website and sign-up or login with their details to then make a payment.

We needed to make it easier for our customers to make payments online so the decision was made to move to allpay to use its wider range of payment options such as: Mobile App, Text, Online, Automated Phone, as well as its cash payment options through the PayPoint and Post Office networks.

With allpay on-board, we wanted to integrate their secure online payments facility within the secure area (MyAccount) of our website. Through MyAccount customers can check their rent balance, report a repair, view account details, order a new swipecard etc.

Going with allpay allowed us to create a single sign-on process for our customers. The payment pages look and feel part of the Orbit website and offer an improved journey for our customer.
In addition to the seamless login, we wanted to minimise the steps for the customer and didn’t want them to have to remember their Payment Reference Numbers (PRNs) when they went through to make a payment."

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