Case studies

How we've helped already


City of Edinburgh

Edinburgh City Council takes regular rental payments for more
than 1,600 tenants, processing more than 27,000 transactions in
2018/19. These charges are for current council housing tenants
but also include former tenant arrears repayments.


Muir Group

Established in 1968, Muir Group Housing Association (MGHA) owns and manages more than 5,500 homes across the country, with offices based in Chester, Blackpool, Burnley and Huntingdon.


NHS Wales

allpay’s relationship with NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership began in December 2017, following a competitive tender process, in which allpay were successfully awarded the contract to provide a Prepaid Card service.

Cheshire East.png

Cheshire East Council

allpay supplies Cheshire East Council with both its Bill Payments and Prepaid Card services, enabling the Council to collect cash via the payment networks of Post Office and PayPoint and disburse adult social care payments through its prepaid card service.

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Fife Council

allpay supplies Fife Council with its Bill Payment and Prepaid Card services, allowing the Scottish Council to collect cash via Retail Networks and disburse care and welfare payments electronically via allpay’s prepaid card platform.

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