Processing payments

Where we differ from our competitors is that we offer clients a complete solution, from designing and mailing out payment cards and barcodes to providing you access with our online portal, Webconnect, where you can download your payment files the next working day following the transaction date.


Choice of payment media

allpay offers its clients a choice of either payment reference cards or barcoded bills which we can design, print and send out to your customers. Once your customers receive these, they can then use any of allpay’s services to pay their bills.

Replacement cards and barcodes can be mailed on the same day provided the request is received by 3pm.

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Delivering payment files

Through allpay’s online portal, Webconnect, you can download your payment files (usually available by 10am each working day), and transactional data, order new payment cards and barcoded bills, manage direct debits and communicate with your customers.

The secure web-based browser system is available 24 hours a day with no requirements on your IT staff over and above the support required for regular internet access and web browser software.

Through allpay's Autoconnect service, you can automate when your payment files are downloaded and receive an email notification when the process is complete.

Transfer of funds

Funds are transferred to any bank account nominated by your organisation and will be cleared as per the agreement in your contract.

All funds collected by allpay on behalf of clients are kept in a secure account with our banking partner Lloyds TSB. This is a secure trustee account within which monies remain client funds at all times; the trust account forms no part of allpay’s assets.



Payment security

Our payment system is supported by Lloyds TSB Cardnet which is the card acceptance service for Lloyds Banking Group.

As a master merchant bringing card acceptance to many social housing bodies, Cardnet is our preferred card acquirer to process our credit and debit card payments so that we can offer you secure online and phone payments.

Cardnet is one of Europe’s leading card transaction processors.  So we at allpay can be confident that by working together with Cardnet we can adapt our services to continue to be the UK’s leading payments specialists in our sector.

allpay’s payment solutions are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Find out more at www.lloydstsbcardnet.comCardnet is a registered trademark of Lloyds TSB Bank plc.