Prepaid cards for local authorities

Prepaid cards have become increasingly popular with local authorities who use them to distribute direct payments in social care, housing benefit and personal budgets. 

It’s estimated that prepaid cards are now used in at least 25% of local authorities with cost savings and reduced administration being key drivers.

Instant issue cards can be handed out 'on the spot' to people in need, a method perfect for local authorities whilst administering parts of the social fund from 2013.

Many local authorities take advantage of a framework agreement allpay has in place with the North East Procurement Organisation – available nationally to local authorities and other parts of the public sector through the Pro5 Group – removing the need to conduct full tender exercises or lengthy supplier evaluations for required schemes.

Once setup, local authorities transfer money onto the cards instantly, allowing them to monitor the spend on a web-based system. This removes the need for receipts and regular auditing.

The ability to track payments online is valuable as it allows councils to explore local discounts with stores where the money is being spent.

The cards are designed and manufactured at allpay and can be personalised to your needs. 

Your local authority can use a prepaid card for:

  • Adult Social Care benefits
  • Personal health budgets
  • Social Fund
  • Asylum seekers
  • Foster carers
  • Travel and expenses

Benefits for local authorities:

  • Saves time and money
  • Provides excellent management information regarding spend and usage
  • Supports financial inclusion initiatives
  • Improves security and control
  • Fully tailored around your needs
  • Strengthens your organisation's identity and customer loyalty
  • No major IT system developments required
  • Improves customers satisfaction

Benefits for service users:

  • Immediate access to funds
  • Easy monitoring and management of balances
  • Greater convenience
  • Financial inclusion
  • Safe
  • Enhanced customer services

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