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As a result of the Government’s commitment to transform the welfare system and roll out personal budgets in social care, health, children’s services and supported housing, service budgets and benefits are increasingly being paid directly to the user.

Prepaid cards – a cross between a debit card and a top-up card - are increasingly being used instead of cash, cheques and vouchers as they offer reduced administration costs, improved security and allow for spending to be monitored in real time.

allpay works with a number of local authorities, housing associations and charities who are using its prepaid offering. Derbyshire County Council, for example, is providing allpay’s prepaid cards to residents to pay for children’s services, while others are using it for a range of payments from housing benefit and adult social care payments to decorating allowances.

Following the Government’s decision to abolish community care grants and crisis loans, local authorities are also using prepaid cards as a way of delivering parts of the Social Fund – which is being devolved to councils from 2013.

To support local authorities in this new role, allpay is offering councils instant issue prepaid cards which can be handed out ‘on the spot’ to people in need – cutting down on the cost of administering cheques and the high insurance premiums that come with managing cash offices.

The Government is also examining their role for Universal Credit as a way for those without bank accounts to receive benefits.

Prepaid cards in the public sector


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