Payment file delivery service


The Webconnect portal is developed in-house by allpay to continually meet its clients’ needs and we’re pleased to announce that a new, even better, version has now been launched.

It has a great new user-friendly look and feel, as well as a number of improvements to its functions. We think you’re going to love it!

Why do organisations enjoy working with the Webconnect portal?

Webconnect makes daily processes easier for organisations. It enables you to collect payment files and transactional data, order swipecards and barcoded bills, manage Direct Debits and communicate with your customers – all online!

Swipecards and barcoded bills are dispatched the same working day, providing orders are placed by 3pm, and your organisation benefits from unlimited access to the Webconnect system.


You can view our demonstration video above. If you're having trouble viewing it please contact our Client Care team on 0844 557 8320 and request a DVD.

How it works…

Access to the Webconnect system is gained via a username and password. Through this your staff can be granted different levels of functionality by a nominated ‘super user’. Payment files are usually available by 10am each working day and are free to download. No additional hardware or software is required to begin using Webconnect.

Take control. Make the most of Webconnect and you could streamline your processes.



allpay is constantly searching for new ways to make payment collection more efficient and less time consuming for you.

Autoconnect is a new way of downloading payment files, further enhancing and complementing the existing Webconnect service.

The Autoconnect application performs the automated scheduled download of payment files, meaning that your organisation can specify the time of day they wish to download payment files.

In addition to this, Autoconnect can notify you via email of the download status. The application even creates a log file detailing the download process and its status.