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Apprentice case study - Lee Powell

Why did you choose to go down the apprenticeship route?

I was stuck in a dead-end retail job with no real opportunities to develop and progress in my career, I didn’t think university was for me. After research I saw apprenticeships as a way to gain new skills whilst earning a living as well as the potential for a good career. I started off at Level 3, and now I’m well on the way to achieving a level 4 NVQ which is the equivalent of the 1st year of university, so my NVQ has helped to eliminate any regrets of not trying the university route to a career.

What is your most memorable moment or greatest achievement on the apprenticeship programme?

It’s hard to choose the most memorable moment and greatest achievement, but I would say it was being awarded Apprentice of the Year 2014 by HGTA for my level 3 NVQ, as I felt it was proof of all my hard work I had put in and what I could achieve if I pushed myself and put my mind to it. I also had to hand my award over to the next winner in 2015 which meant I had to speak in front of a large crowd of 100+ people, I’m so glad I did and stepped out of my comfort zone because it felt great. I could say another great achievement was getting my IT Projects job and pushing on to the level 4 NVQ, I’m the top of my class, have been described as “the best new starter” by my assessor, and QA want to use my work to demonstrate to other apprentices the high standards of quality work that are required in their portfolios.

What are your top tips for apprenticeship success?

  • Push yourself, you will never know what you can achieve in your career unless you go for it
  • Make sure your apprenticeship is important to you, this will keep you engaged and motivated to do the work for it
  • Step out of your comfort zone, you will learn more about yourself and this will help you to grow
  • Tell your manager/mentor what your goals are, they can help you plan for them
  • Find more than one mentor, this will give you a more holistical view of the department and help you learn more
  • Throw yourself in the deep end and take on as much as you can, this will help you learn more quickly and raise your profile with your colleagues

What kind of opportunities have opened up for you on your apprenticeship programme so far?

  • The opportunity to work on multiple projects with many different staff across the business
  • Potential to progress to a Project Manager or Business Analyst
  • A large amount of the internal training workshops are relevant to me and my role, so I can increase my knowledge and gain new skills too

How to apply

If you’re interested in becoming an allpay apprentice, we want to hear from you! You can view our current apprenticeship vacancies here.

Alternatively if there are no vacancies that suit you at this time, please register your details and send us your CV.

If a suitable vacancy does arise we can then contact you quickly and easily.