Top solutions solve the problem of easy payment

Smaller companies are increasingly turning to innovative payment solutions to transform their business, drive success and help compete with the big players.

Robin Hood Energy is the UK’s first local authority-owned energy supplier. Since launching in September 2014, the group has already attracted a significant number of clients from other suppliers, partly down to flexibility with payments.

Contracts manager Rob Purdon says: “allpay provided the experience and expertise to manage our direct debit collections and, once in place, we added its extended range of payment channels giving payment flexibility to our customers. The majority of customers are paying by direct debit with the remaining credit customers paying upon receipt of a bill, which is where they have the option to pay online, through the automated phone or via the call centre.”

Working with allpay allowed Robin Hood Energy to contract with a single company for a range of payment channels, meaning less worry about separate merchant accounts or regulatory compliance.