allpay Limited celebrate being a real Living Wage employer for the fourth year running

Since 2014, allpay Limited have been proud to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation and recognised for supporting employees by paying the real Living Wage. As the first Herefordshire Living Wage employer and winners of the 2016 Living Wage Champion award, allpay are pleased to be celebrating Living Wage week once again.

The Living Wage foundation independently sets the hourly rate required for employees to be recognised for being rewarded a fair days pay for a hard day’s work.

The real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 3,500 employers to date and its main aim is to provide employees with a better standard of living.

allpay ensures fairness is represented in employees’ pay rates and while they have many tools to help with this, such as job evaluation, the Living Wage rate sets their benchmark. While paying this voluntary Living Wage rate, allpay ensures that employees of all ages are treated fairly as opposed to the Government Minimum and Living Wage rates that are age associated.

Steve Foulger, allpay Limited’s HR Director commented;

The difference between paying the National Minimum Wage and the Accredited Living Wage for some companies may be the difference between staying in business or not. For all others, it is the difference between what is legally required and what is ethically right.

The Accredited Living Wage is set at the rate it is, for a reason. It is the real benchmark we should be measuring ourselves against. There will always be exceptions and companies whose models can’t sustain this change yet, but for every company that can, they should."

allpay asked their employees for a snapshot of how they felt about the Living Wage and the responses ranged from feeling proud to be part of a workforce who considers the employee as a priority, to it providing peace of mind and financial stability.


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