As an ISO 14001 accredited organisation allpay is fully committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and improving the air that we breathe.

We have developed sustainability and social responsibility policies to ensure such issues are integral to our performance and decision making processes and we operate and adhere to a stringent health, safety and environmental policy demonstrating commitment to promoting good environmental practice.

We also continue to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimalised in the following ways:

Carbon Cutting

As all of our production and services operate from a single site, we don’t have the carbon footprint of larger competitors who use third party services from around the UK. However, with guidance from the Carbon Trust, we’ve mapped our present carbon footprint in order to establish ways to reduce it even further.

We have already planned to integrate this approach within the development of two new buildings alongside our current premises on Whitestone Business Park.

A full environmental impact study is also due to be commissioned to ensure that we follow the recommendations of BREEM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) during all stages of design and construction.

Waste, Water and Paper

We promote good environmental practice and recycle what we can, from aluminium cans through to paper, boxes and even our plastic swipecards.

Water usage is looked at in all of our business practices and wherever possible there are systems in place to reduce this. We’re also working on cutting our paper usage significantly across the company for 2012/13. So far, we’re well ahead of target!


Our activities take our representatives across the length and breadth of the country, so we encourage the use of public transport wherever possible. We’ve also replaced a number of company cars with the more environmentally friendly Toyota Prius.

In addition, we support the use of local suppliers not only to reduce the footprint of goods being transported, but in support of the local economy.

allpay’s Nature Reserve

With assistance from The Carbon Trust we have created an on-site nature reserve complete with bird, bee and bat nesting boxes and a pond with rare inhabitants such as the Smooth Newt. An abundance of flora also surrounds the conserved area.

Our pond, which is managed by a local ecologist, has even reached Priority status – the highest grading available as issued by the Pond Conservation Authority.