allpay works with both primary and secondary schools inside the education sector in order to improve efficiency.

15 years of experience inside the bill payment industry has enabled allpay to specialise in delivering cost-effective payment solutions that eliminate the need for lengthy reconciliation and calculation processes as well as banking and collection fees.

allpay understands that schools spend a considerable amount of time on laborious administration tasks and works closely with them to save both time and money. It aims to completely remove the need for cash in schools, thereby helping to not only cut costs and improve cashflow, by releasing funds daily, but to remove all risks associated with handling cash.

Cashless catering for schools - Cashless dinner money

allpay Cashless is an affordable cashless payment system for schools and colleges that provides users with the ease of paying for items without the need for cash.

Items parents can pay for include music lessons, trips or meals. Whether it's just meals or other education you want to manage, allpay can provide you with a complete cashless payment solution.

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