Debt collecting

Managing Director and founder of allpay, Tony Killeen, first conceptualised the idea of electronic bill payments whilst collecting rents on behalf of the council:

"It was very frustrating working with paper-based bill payment systems. I knew there had to be a better way. This gave me the idea of using technology to speed up the process. What I used to do on paper at the council, we now do with swipecards. Our system provides convenience and choice for the people paying bills and greater efficiency for any organisation collecting payments."

Collecting payments is at the heart of what allpay does and we handle around £7 billion a year across 67 million transactions.

Provide your customers with more choice in making a payment

In partnership with allpay you can simply initiate contact with the debtor by sending them a personalised swipecard or barcoded bill, inviting them to use this to voluntarily settle what is owed via our wide range of payment methods:

  • Over the internet
  • Over the phone
  • By SMS text message
  • Through the allpay App
  • Over the counter at any PayPoint or Post Office® 

Any payments made by the debtor against the unique reference number on their swipecard or barcoded bill are consolidated by allpay, with electronic information files available online to the organisation the next working day.

Our electronic payment files can be configured to interface seamlessly with existing revenue and accounting systems plus a wide range of bespoke reporting and complementary payment tools are available.

More choice

Quicker payments

More efficient

Saves money