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How can allpay Cashless benefit me or my organisation?

Saving you time and money by completely removing cash from your premises, our solution provides substantial savings to your school by eliminating the need for lengthy reconciliation and calculation processes as well as banking and collection fees.

This helps you to cut costs and removes the need for cash handling thereby reducing any security risk.

To find out exactly how we can help your school achieve significant cost savings, contact us on 0844 557 8315, email or book a free demonstration below!

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Improved cash flow - Funds released daily

Unlike other providers who release funds on a monthly basis, allpay improves cash flow by releasing funds daily into your account.

Complete service from one supplier

We offer a fully integrated solution with no involvement from third parties, ensuring one point of contact for all of our clients.

Widest range of payment options

Parents can top up their child’s account online, over the phone, at any PayPoint outlet or Post Office®, or through allpay’s payment App.

Low capital and operational costs

We provide the most affordable Cashless catering system on the market, aiming to reduce client costs by up to 60%.

Benefits of removing cash
from schools

Reduce costs and increase meal uptake within schools.

Overcoming stigma behind free school meals

'introducing anonymous payment schemes would dramatically increase free school meal take-up.'

Cashless payments for
school catering

We can improve the effiiciency of school catering by simplifying your processes.


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