Cashless Councils

What is Cashless Councils?

Cashless Councils is the concept of local authorities replacing cash transactions wherever possible - saving money and staff time.

Cashless Councils is a pioneering concept to deliver significantly better results for dramatically lower costs across local government.

Councils deal with a vast array of issues using multiple budgets. They are too often burdened by costly administration related to handling cash payments. While there are some individual products available, there is no consolidated, joined-up approach to eradicating cash from the system, thereby increasing efficiencies and providing more personalised services for users.

allpay call this approach Cashless Councils. It promises lower costs, greater transparency and more flexible services for individuals.

It is based on the premise that Councils should actively look to eradicate the use of cash through:

  1. Partnership with service providers
  2. Collaboration with paymnet and technology specialists
  3. Engagement with service users.


Savings so far...

Local AuthoritySavings
Waverley Borough Council34% £130,000 saved annually from the £386,000 initial payment services total
Canterbury City CouncilOver £60,000 in annual gross budget savings


How Cashless Councils saves

Cashless Councils find savings in the back office through administrative efficiency and transparent auditing while designing payments around individuals; providing a wider range of options that fit their individual situations and preferences.

Cashless Councils saves by smarter design and delivery of payments. Instead of looking at individual products, we need to look at the wider picture, aligning the need for back office savings with your customers needs.

What's in it for allpay?

We are a payments specialist. Not product salesmen or a financial institution with payments as a side issue. We are concerned about making payments work for consumers and organisations, in particular the public sector. We know from experience the potential of a joined up and consistent implementation of a cashless system.

The challenges


An average of 26% in real terms cuts in budgets by 2015 has forced councils to examine line by line what they offer and how. As the spending cuts bite, so does their ability to provide solutions.


While local councils search for savings, service users are also being increasingly hit by austerity measures, stagnation in wages and living standards. This drives demands for council services.


Not only are councils under pressure to be more efficient but there’s agreement that services should be personalised to individuals. This demands payment systems which are flexible, transparent and cost effective, yet provide more freedom to end users.

Next steps...

  • We are committed to running a series of open space debates and workshops around this concept

  • We are actively seeking to collaborate with interested parties in evolving Cashless Council with an aim to be thought leaders in this area and pioneer a concept that works.

To learn more or contribute to this programme, or if you see potential for cost savings in your local authority by reducing cash transactions, please email Business Support at