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Apprentice Case Study - Lee Snead

Why did you choose to go down the apprenticeship route?

After leaving School I wanted to continue my further education and find a viable alternative to the academic route that would still enable me to develop a successful career. I chose an Apprenticeship as it was a fantastic opportunity to start a career whilst continuing to learn. This seemed too good to be true as I was getting paid whilst continuing to develop essential skills that employers sought! My current role as a Project Manager now enables me to work on high profile projects with significant strategic importance to the business. I believe this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the knowledge and skills gained during my Apprenticeship.

What is your most memorable moment or greatest achievement on the apprenticeship programme?

My most memorable achievement was being awarded the West Midlands Apprentice Ambassador of the Year in 2014. I cannot wait to see what else can be achieved and what further influence we can have on others to make sure that apprenticeships continue to be the great career choice they have been for so many people that we have been able to support and influence over the years.

What are your top tips for apprenticeship success?

Working in a professional environment during my Apprenticeship has resulted in me being exposed to the ethos of business and industry from a young age. This is an opportunity that would have only been afforded to me through an Apprenticeship. During the course of my Apprenticeship I was fortunate to work at all levels in the company. This has resulted in my feeling that I possess excellent knowledge of our organisation, providing me with a foundation for a promising career. My advice to Apprentices is to ask plenty of questions, keep an open mind and more importantly keep learning!

Lee was presented with an award for excellence in training and development by Lord Lieutenant Lady Darnley at Herefordshire Diamond Day 2012

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